Why Is My Moen Faucet Blinking?

Moen Faucet Blinking

Faucets are one of the most common plumbing fixtures in your home. They are small and they provide water to your hands, face, and other areas.

The Moen faucet uses a low battery warning system. The faucet blinks yellow twice when the batteries are running low, and then turns off. Replace the batteries! If you don’t, you could get a surprise when your faucet stops performing as you expect it to.

What is Moen Faucet?

The Moen faucet is a great alternative to the traditional faucets you’ve probably used in the past. It is sleek, stylish, and functional. This faucet is also quite easy to install. Simply remove the old faucet and replace with the Moen faucet.

Various kitchen and bathroom faucets

The Moen kitchen and bathroom faucets are designed to fit a wide range of faucet options. That means you can use one Moen faucet in both your kitchen and your bathroom.

The kitchen faucets are available in single-handle, double-handle, and under-sink models. The bathroom faucets are available in single-handle, double-handle, and under-sink models. All these faucets are built with the highest quality parts and materials.

Why Is My Moen Faucet Blinking?

The blinking of a water line usually indicates a problem with the sensor/switch/timer for it. This is generally caused by a faulty battery or a faulty faucet flow regulator or mixing valve. Check to ensure that water is flowing from one faucet to the other.

If the water is not flowing, the valve is probably damaged or clogged, or the sensor/switch/timer is malfunctioning. The flow could also be intermittent. If this occurs at night, you’ll have to turn on the pilot light.

If the problem is occurring all the time, you’ll have to go through the entire faucet kit. The new kit will fix this problem. It is always a good idea to replace the battery once a month for optimum faucet performance. The new faucet kit will replace the defective part and fix this.

Battery is Low or Worn Out

A blinking faucet light is caused by a faulty relay in the faucet circuit. When the relay loses power, the faucet fuses into the circuit to prevent it from causing a short circuit. This usually happens because of a failed or loose battery or a dead or low voltage battery.

This can be remedied by swapping out the batteries. If your faucet won’t stop blinking, replace the relay or the faucet. You can also lose power, but the faucet doesn’t blink. In this case, just replace the batteries.

If you don’t have enough water pressure, try adjusting the valve or replacing the cartridge in the faucet. If you do not have the necessary tools to replace your batteries, contact a professional. It is vital to know which faucet circuit is being powered to fix the problem.

Check that your faucet circuit is powered by a battery that is not empty or low.

Electronic Mode

The main job of a battery is to provide electrical power to the Faucet, and other components. A low battery will cause the blinkers to turn yellow twice before turning off. The battery must be charged from time to time to ensure your fuses and lights continue to function.

If your battery dies completely, you’ll see blinkers turn off. If your battery drains quickly or is dead, you’ll see the lights blink on and off repeatedly. If the battery is bad, an unplugged faucet is usually the first sign of a problem. Most fuses in your system will blow before a fuse box on your circuit breaker panel will.

If you see a fuse burning out quickly and the lights don’t remain on, check the fuses and fuse box on your circuit breaker panel. To charge a low battery, connect the terminals on the battery charger and battery to your faucet and turn on a circuit breaker. It is possible that this problem is caused by dirt, a bad valve, or just a bad sensor.

Hardware Failure

Your Moen switch can be damaged. A faulty switch can prevent the faucet from turning hot or cold or from shutting off. If you are not using the faucet for a long time, the switch can weaken, which allows the sensor to fail.

Flow Motion Sensor of Moen Faucet

Replace both the sensor and the switch, along with the timer, and reset the arm if necessary. Test to ensure all valves are closed before fixing the faucet. Disconnect the sensor from the wiring harness if the device is inside the wall.

Make sure that nothing is touching the sensor. Be careful when replacing the faucet. Use a new part to avoid damaging the existing wiring. A certified technician can do this job for you.

Control Box Connection Problem

The faucet can blink on and off frequently, indicating a problem with its controller. To see if that is the case, see if the faucet turns on and if the blinking has subsided when you turn it on and close the water.

If so, check the control box itself for a bad connection to its main electronic board. If the faucet doesn’t turn on or turn off, or the faucet is constantly blinking, see if there are problems with the solenoid valve, which is the part of the plumbing line that directs water to the faucet.

Or, if the faucet goes on and off by itself, check the valve, but first check your power and data cables for damage by unplugging the cable and plugging it back in again. If these steps don’t help, it would be time to change out your faucet.

Network Connection Problem

Your faucet can lose network connection for several reasons. If you want to be sure that you’re connected to the internet, see if the light in your router is still on. When a connection is lost, a yellow light symbol (with “Blinking Yellow” appears in the faucet app.

The blinking yellow symbol is the result of losing your Wi-Fi connection and will display when the faucet sees a Wi-Fi network it recognizes and can’t connect. When you first connect your faucet, your Wi-Fi network is named “Wifi” and the password is typical “wifi” or “wifi_passwords.”

If you can’t see “Wifi” in the list of networks available to you, or if you can’t connect to it, your router may need updating. Tap the blue “Reconnect Wi-Fi” button, then tap the Wi-Fi icon on your router to reconnect.

This process usually takes a few seconds, and your faucet and any other devices connected via Wi-Fi should be reconnected to the Wi-Fi immediately. You may also see a message in your faucet app asking you to update the app for a better Wi-Fi connection.

If you need to update the router’s firmware, see the device manufacturer’s website.

How do you reset the sensor on a Moen faucet?

First, insert a paperclip into the reset button on the control box. Wait three to five seconds or two beeps, and then remove the paperclip from the reset button. Make sure that your faucet isn’t plugged into a water supply, as a water flow is required to reset the sensor.

Moen 7864EWBL Faucet

Reprovisioning your device is required after you reset the sensor. If other devices in your house still work as expected, the water issue may be the issue. You might not be able to determine which component was affected as a sensor might be in all sorts of trouble.

A certified technician can remove the sensor to figure out which part you need for replacement. The sensor might not be faulty after all and the issue may be a different part malfunctioning, as stated.

If you’re still experiencing issues after replacing the sensor but your device still doesn’t work right, the problem might be somewhere else and not the sensor.

How do you override a faucet sensor?

The water valve for a fixture that is not working must be flipped to the off position. After turning off the water valve, run your faucet to confirm that it is no longer working. To turn the tap manually, twist the valve clockwise until everything shuts off. This should reset the sensor.

If this method does not work, your sensor may be stuck in the on position. Unplug the unit, remove the fixture from the wall, and let it sit for a few minutes. A qualified technician should troubleshoot this problem.

It could be an issue with the plumbing or control valve inside the fixture. Or you might fetch a problem with your supply. If it has been a long time since you’ve experienced this issue, the problem may be the fixture. A valve may need to be replaced or adjusted by a certified plumber to fix this and similar errors.

You need to check the fixture for damage to the sensor or the wire that runs to the sensor.

To Recap

When the LED light on your Moen faucet starts blinking constantly, it could mean that your battery is running low. You will need to replace the battery in this case.

The battery life of your faucet can be fully charged with a new battery.

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