Rheem A004 Water Heater Error – Causes and Fixes

Rheem A004 Water Heater Error

A water heater is a great investment. It is a big part of how we heat and cool our homes. It is a necessity, but not a luxury. While your water heater is a necessity, it does have an important life cycle. For it to be more comfortable, you’ll want to inspect and maintain it.

Heating water properly is a great way to save money on your energy bills. It is important to know which parts to replace, and how to replace them. It is important to know when a water heater needs service.

If you neglect your water heater, it can cause damage. Rheem recommends replacing your water heater when it reaches the end of its service life.

Why is Reem Water Showing an A004 Error

When you turn on your hot water, the “A004” error should display on the heater display panel. The A004 error indicates that the water is not being delivered to the elements because the compressor is not running. The A004 error also indicates that the elements are not being energized. The A004 error is an internal error that is displayed on the display panel during the hot water shut-off. The A004 error can be caused by a number of things, including:

  • Malfunction of the compressor motor, hoses, and/or other components.
  • A broken or disconnected electrical connection.
  • A broken or disconnected water valve, orifice, and/or pipe.

1. Compressor Malfunction

The heating source defaults to elements for a few reasons. The flow of water through the heating source is the most common reason for a malfunction. The control board is one of the most common causes of malfunction. If you have a thermostat, it should be reset. The most common cause of the malfunction is a clogged filter.

If the hoses are plugged, the flow of water will get blocked, and you should run the heating source to test it. A water heater should be testable by running the heating source and checking the flow. You can check the flow of water by disconnecting the water supply line and the drain hose. You can test the control board by doing the same thing. If all the hoses are free, you should test the elements.

2. Disconnected Electrical Connection

The compressor motor is the heart of the water heater. It’s a heavy piece of metal that contracts and expands as it heats and cools. When the compressor motor is turned on to heat water, it must be connected to a voltage source. A broken or disconnected electrical connection of the compressor or other components can cause the compressor motor to fail.

To test for a bad connection, disconnect the wires from the compressor. If the water heater is still working, it could be a faulty electrical connection. Disconnect the wires one at a time and test each connection with a multimeter. If it’s still working, the problem could be in the electrical system.

If you find a short, the problem could be a faulty fuse, breaker, or circuit board. You can buy a replacement compressor motor and replace parts of the circuit board if the problem is a short circuit.

3. Broken or Disconnected Water Valve

The water heater checks to see if there’s enough pressure before it turns on. If the pressure is too low, the water heater shuts off and an error code appears on the control panel and in the diagnostic computer. The water valve has a problem and is either broken or disconnected.

The water pressure can also be inadequate because the valve is too small. The hoses on the water heater need to be reconnected and tested to ensure that the water meets all the requirements.

The hose assembly is located behind the water heater tank. If the pressure is not adequate, you will have to replace the water valve. The problem should be fixed by now.

The water heater is a quick fix that should always be your first step when troubleshooting a Rheem a004 water heater error. If the problem persists, you should contact the service department at your home improvement store.

4. Blown Fuse or Tripped Circuit of Water Heater

A blown fuse or a tripped circuit of the water heater is one of the quickest repair methods if your water heater is making loud noises. In most cases, a blown fuse or tripped circuit will affect more than one element. If the circuit tripped but one element, you’ll need to check that element and test it for a short.

If you find a short, replace the element in the circuit because it is likely a burnt-out element. It needs to be replaced; you’ll need to order a new element from the manufacturer.

A blown fuse can be repaired by replacing the fuse. If the fuse blew but you didn’t see the cause, you can try reconnecting the wires and the circuit. If you did find the problem or it continues on, you’ll need to replace the fuse.

The circuit of the water heater has electrical parts inside. It’s easy to replace if it only has one trip. If you find the circuit has multiple trips, you’ll need to replace the whole circuit.

5. Control Board Malfunction

If the control board has malfunctioned inside the system, it can be difficult to repair for most homeowners. This is an inside repair that will require a qualified technician.

As with any repair, the water heater should be tested first to ensure that the water heater is working. Then, remove the cover and see if the lights or the fan are working. If you’re using a thermostat, unplug it so it’s not damaged. Test all the parts using a multimeter and turn all the components on.

The control board is easy to replace by unplugging each wire attached to the control board and testing them. The wires should turn on, which indicates that the control board is working.

How Long Should a Rheem Water Heater Last?

Water heaters are constantly running, so they should be serviced every 5 years. If you’ve had your Rheem water heater serviced every 5 years, you could be adding years to the life of your water heater.

Rheem Water Heater

Water heater with a tankless or tank configuration can last more, just make sure you change the water filter every 6 months, and check the pressure relief valve every year. They can last 15 years if they are serviced properly. A good rule of thumb is that if the heater was working fine when you bought it, it should last at least 5 years.

If you had a water heater that’s more than 15 years old, it’s possible that it was built with good parts but grown old. There are a lot of variables that influence how long a water heater will last. If you do know the age of your water heater, you can use that information to plan for future replacement. So if you have a water heater that’s not working properly, it’s likely that the system is leaking and needs to be replaced.

How to Fix the Rheem A004 Water Heater Error?

Fixing the error code isn’t so hard. You have to make sure the motor is working correctly, the filter is clean and the other components are okay.

Step 1: Check the Fan and Compressor

The fan is the primary element of the water heater, and it’s also a primary component of the heat pump. If the fan is not working, the heat pump will not function properly. If the water heater is not performing as expected, you’ll likely find that the internal temperature is too high, or that the heat pump is not working.

The relay should be able to switch a 60V reading to the ground. Regardless of the reading, the fan should be running if the compressor is on. This indicates a problem with either the relay or the power supply. If the fan is not running with the compressor on, the power supply is likely unavailable.

The control board is a rare repair, but it is the most likely culprit in this situation. A warranty repair is in order. The problem will be fixed. If the fan is not running and the compressor is off, it is likely that the water heater is broken. Contact Rheem and have them send you a new heater. The problem will be fixed.

Step 2: Clean the Filter Screen

The water heater error codes are displayed on the control panel. Inspect the filter screen for clogged or dirty areas. Use a hose to blow away the excess dust. Laying the filter out on the ground makes it easier to see the dirt. Spray with water until the dirt is removed. The filter screen must be completely clean to remove the error code.

If this problem persists, you may have a leak in the water inlet. Use some compressed air to blow the dust off the bottom of the unit. The problem should be fixed. Follow the instructions on the control panel to correct the problem.

You can use a hose to spray the filter screen, but make sure the screen is not clogged. If the filter screen is dirty, it will not allow the proper amount of air to enter the filter. You can lay the filter out on the ground and spray it with water to remove the dust. Once the dust is removed, you can verify that the fan is working by turning the heat pump on.

If the fan isn’t working, you’ll have to purchase a new part. The problem can be fixed by now. To confirm the fan is working, turn the heat pump on and check to see if the temperature is increasing.

Cleaning water heater screens are different from chimney cleaning, so be careful.

3. Check for the Signs of a Refrigerant Leak

The Rheem A004 water heater might have a leak somewhere in the system. If you can see any signs of leakage, you have a problem. You can test the system for leaks by sucking in the refrigerant, but you won’t be able to detect the amount of leakage. If you can’t find any signs of leakage, then the A004 compressor isn’t working.

A coolant level indicator is located on the front of the unit. If you can see the coolant level, it’s probably low. If the A004 is leaking, the compressor will probably fail and you will need a new water heater. In some cases, the compressor may fail before the A004 leaks. To figure out where the leak is, you should first find the leaky component. The best way to do this is by running the unit without using it.

To Recap

The water heater is a vital part of our homes. If you suspect a problem with your a004 water heater, try to fix by yourself. You might have to replace the components.

A004 Error occurs when the compressor malfunctions. Check the compressor and fan for any electrical problems by testing continuity (with a reading greater than 60V). Clean the filter screens and check for a refrigerant leak that seems to be oily residue. Replace the faulty compressor and leaky filter screens with new ones.

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