What is CreoShield?

We all have creosote in our houses. But sometimes it gets too much. Removing it is also a hassle. Not to mention the effort involved in getting rid of it. This is a sticky and smelly problem. Many have tried various methods and none of them worked for them. That’s the CreoShild comes in place.

It is a creosote odor remover. It is specially designed to remove creosote odor from wood. It removes the creosote odor and bad fumes down to the safe level. It does it in a simple way. Just get it out of the box and start using it. The product is easy to use and does not require any specialized training. In fact, it is easy to use and can be used even by people who are new to the cleaning industry.


Creosote is one kind of of carbonaceous chemicals and it is formed by the distillation of various tars and pyrolysis. Plant-derived material, such as wood or coal tar, can also create creosote.

Creosote is often used in industrial processes to make products like paints and varnishes more durable. It’s also sometimes used as an environmental pollutant because it forms large deposits in soil and water systems over time.

  • Creosote is a mixture of oil and tar that has been widely used to protect wood from decay. It is also used to treat pilings in order to avoid the threat of flooding.
  • Creosote-treated pilings are designed to prevent erosion by using tar as an anchor for the soil below it. This prevents water from flowing into the ground, which can lead to floods or other problems downriver.
  • Creosote is also commonly used as a sealant on wooden decks and boats because it provides protection against moisture and insects while preserving the color and appearance of the wood surface.
  • Creosoted lumber has been shown to last longer than untreated lumber when exposed to weather conditions such as rain, snow, or sunlight.

What is CreoShield

CreoShield is a protective coating that is available exclusively from EnviroShield. It offers a lasting solution for creosote treated encapsulate and eliminates offensive odor of wood. Additionally, it reduces toxic fumes to safe levels.

CreoShield is an encapsulating coating that offers a lasting solution for eliminating offensive odor of wood, reducing toxic fumes to safe levels, and protecting your property from the creosote treatment process. This product is available exclusively through EnviroShield.

CreoShield is a unique odor removal and creosote emissions reduction product that uses an easy-to-apply coating to quickly encapsulate the offensive odor. CreoShield has also been shown to reduce vapors by up to 90%, while still providing long-lasting encapsulation of the offensive odor. This makes it one of the most effective products on the market when it comes to removing odors and reducing harmful fumes.

How does CreoShield work?

CreoShield works by creating a barrier between the environment and the wood surface which protects it from damage and prevents offensive odor from developing in the first place.

Is Creo Shield harmful to use?

No, using Creo Shield will have no negative effects on your wooden surfaces but has bad effect on your health. But you have to take all necessary precautions while applying it (e.g., wearing gloves).

Can I apply Creo Shield to unfinished timber?

Yes, you can apply it to unfinished timber if you follow all safety guidelines carefully (e.g., wear gloves). However, we recommend that you contact us before doing so in order to speak with one of our experts about specific application instructions for your particular situation.

Odor Removal

CreoShield is a long lasting, easy-to-use coating that eliminates unpleasant odors from petroleum products. CreoShield can be applied to any surface where there is an offensive odor, such as hoses, tanks, pumps and fittings. The result is a dramatic reduction in emissions and an overall improved air quality.

Easy-application Coating

The easy-application formula allows for quick coverage of large areas with little mess or wasted product. Simply spray CreoShield onto the offending area and allow it to dry for 30 minutes before removing any residual scents with a vacuum cleaner or hose attachment.

Long-lasting Encapsulation of the Offensive Odor

Once applied, CreoShield will form a protective barrier against moisture, sunlight and other elements which could cause deterioration over time. This means that your equipment will continue to smell clean even after months or years of use.

Significant Reduction of Creosote Emissions

Creo Shield not only removes bad smells but also reduces emissions levels by up to 90%. By protecting your equipment from dirt, dust and debris while reducing airborne particles , you’re helping improve both indoor air quality and worker safety.

Creoshield Where to Buy

There is a company called EnviroShield. You can contact them.

To Recap

This is an incredible product to get rid of harmful effects and odor of creosote. Use this and get safe in your life.

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