Why Does My Electric Fireplace Smells Like Burning Plastic

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If you’re feeling anxious or having trouble sleeping, it may be tempting to check your phone every five minutes. However, this could lead to an overload if there are multiple devices plugged in at once.

To avoid this problem, unplug all your devices except the one you’re checking for overload, and touch and feel the wiring at the outlet or adapter to make sure it’s not burning hot. If there is an overload, try replacing your circuit breaker or outlet before doing anything else drastic like calling a professional.

Remember: overloading can cause serious damage so take care when using electrical appliances around bedtime.

Why Does My Electric Fireplace Smells Like Burning Plastic?

To help avoid an overload, unplug all devices except the one you’re checking for overload. Touch and feel the wiring at the outlet or adapter to make sure it’s not burning hot. If there is an overload, try replacing your circuit breaker or outlet.

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Check for Overload

If your electric fireplace smells like burning plastic, there may be an overload. To check if there is an overload, unplug the unit and see if the smell goes away.

If you find that your electric fireplace still has a strong smell of burning plastic, call an expert to take care of it properly. Overloading can occur when too many appliances are plugged into one outlet or when cords are not properly shielded from each other in a wiring installation.

Unplug All Other Devices

If your electric fireplace smells like burning plastic, there may be a problem with the wiring or an appliance in the unit. Check to see if any devices are plugged into the firebox that isn’t supposed to be; unplug them and check for overloads again.


Make sure all cords are routed properly and won’t kink or cross over each other. This can also cause a fire hazard. Clean out any debris buildup inside the fireplace using a vacuum cleaner before restarting it. This will help reduce odors as well. If problems persist, call an electrician for advice on how to fix them.

Touch And Feel The Wiring

Sometimes, an electric fireplace may emit a smell of burning plastic when the wiring is touching or comes in contact with something hot, such as the outlet or adapter.

To check if this is the case, touch and feel the wire at the outlet or adapter to make sure it’s not extremely hot. If you still notice a strong smell of burning plastic after checking your wiring, then you may need to have it replaced.

Electric Fireplace Inspection


In some cases, overheating can also occur due to faulty wiring within an electric fireplace that causes melted wires and short circuits throughout its system. A professional technician can help diagnose any electrical problems and replace any necessary parts accordingly before they cause further damage.

Replace Your Circuit Breaker Or Outlet

If your electric fireplace smells like burning plastic, there could be an overload on the circuit. To check if this is the case, try replacing the breaker or outlet that is causing the problem.

In some cases, a faulty wiring connection may also cause an electrical fire hazard in your home’s fireplace. Always be sure to have a working smoke detector and emergency lights nearby when using an electric fireplace- just in case of any accidents.

Finally, learn how to use safely your electric fireplace by following these simple tips for safety

Is an electric fireplace supposed to smell?

Some electric fireplaces can release a smell called “vapourized oil.” This is caused by the heat of the fireplace burning off wax and other chemicals that are used to make wood smokeless.

If this smell bothers you, you can try using an air freshener or covering the unit with a sheet when it’s not in use.

Electric Fireplace

Burning Wood

The smell of an electric fireplace is a result of the burning wood inside it. Unlike gas or propane fireplaces, which produce no odor, electric fireplaces will always have a smoky/charcoal smell when they’re fired up.

This is because the heat from the flames melts the waxes and oils in the wood, creating this distinctive scent.

Do Not Produce Any Odor

Unlike gas or propane fires, which release odors throughout their operation, an electric fireplace will not produce any odor whatsoever when it’s in use. In fact, some people actually find that electric fireplaces smell better than traditional ones.

Smokey/Charcoal Smell When Fired Up

Even if you regularly clean your air filter to eliminate most of the smoke and odor from your electric fireplace, there will still be a faint smokey/charcoal scent left behind whenever it’s fired up. This is something you’ll just have to get used to.

Help Eliminate Some Of The Smoke And Odor

If you’d like to try and reduce the amount of smoke and odor coming out of your electric fireplace, cleaning its air filter may be helpful. By doing this, you can help improve airflow within the unit as well as reduce some of the objectionable smells associated with using one these days.

Why does my heater smell like plastic?

A heater that smells like plastic may be emitting this odor due to a blockage in the flue or chimney, dirty blades on the blower fan and air filter, or cracks in the electrical wiring.

To get a clear view of all of your furnaces and check for obstructions, remove any heavy furniture from near them and open all registers if possible. Clean the blades on the blower fan regularly with a hose attachment and replace the air filter at least once every 12 months.

Check furnace covers at year-end and replace them as needed; they should also be replaced every 3 years if they show signs of wear such as fading or tears Inspect electrical wiring annually for frayed cords, broken switches, etc. Call an electrician immediately if there are problems.

How do you stop an electric fire from smelling?

If you smell something burning, it’s usually a good idea to get out of the room as quickly as possible. If there’s an electric fire, however, things can be a little more complicated.

The smoke from an electric fire will often have a strong odor – even in rooms where the fire isn’t actually burning. This is because electricity creates gases that are explosive by nature.

So if you see or smell flames and smoke coming from an area with high voltage wires or power lines nearby, stay away until the scene is safe. The most common way that electric fires start is when something falls into an electricity cable and causes a short circuit.

This can happen as soon as you walk past an open electrical outlet, or if there’s anything in the line between your home and the power source (like a tree branch). To prevent this from happening, always make sure that all circuit breakers are properly installed and turned off at the main switch.

If you’re unable to turn off the breaker yourself, ask someone else to do it for you before doing any repairs. Once you know where the fire is located, take immediate action by checking for obstructions in lines leading to your home (like leaves or branches). Once these have been removed, secure any improperly secured parts with wire ties or clamps until replacement parts can be obtained.

Inspect all cords and wires carefully for signs of wear or damage – improper installation may be responsible for many electric fires.

Why does my furnace smell like burnt plastic?

There are a few possible reasons why your furnace might smell like burnt plastic. If the filter is blocked, it will allow smells of combustion to enter the home.

Another possibility is that there is something blocking the venting system, which can lead to a build-up of odor in the ductwork and registers. In either case, you’ll need to take action to resolve the issue so that your home doesn’t start smelling bad again.

Foreign Object In The Heating Unit

If you’re noticing a strange smell coming from your furnace, it might be because of an object that’s been caught in the heating unit. This object can cause problems with your furnace and may even prevent it from turning on properly. Cleaning out the heating unit will usually solve this issue.

Heating Unit Isn’t Turning On Properly

If your furnace isn’t turning on at all, there may be something wrong with the electrical wiring or switchboard inside of it. If the heater doesn’t have enough power to start up, it’ll likely need to be replaced.

Furnace Filters Are Dirty Or Missing

It’s important to keep your filters clean if you want to avoid any bad smells coming from your furnace. If these filters are dirty or missing, they won’t be able to trap harmful particles and smoke will escape into the room where the furnace is located.

Air Handler Is Defective

A defective air handler can lead to poor airflow within a home and potentially disastrous results – like a burning house. Air handlers are often responsible for regulating temperature and humidity levels in our homes so make sure yours is functioning correctly by calling an expert when you notice any issues.

Burned Out Firebox

This problem is most commonly caused by faulty ignition coils or wires inside of the firebox which ignites small pieces of plastic as they burn-causing a terrible odor that only gets worse over time. It’s important to have this part checked out as soon as possible if you experience persistent black marks around openings in walls near furnaces.

No matter the log burner smell or fireplace, this could mean that one day soon firewalls replacement would become necessary.

To Recap

Electric fireplaces often emit a smell of burning plastic because the flame is hot enough to cook small pieces of plastic. This smell can be pretty strong, and it’s usually easiest to detect in areas near the fireplace where there is a lot of smoke. If you notice this smell and it bothers you, make sure to clean the fireplace or replace the filters.

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