How to Rise a Mirror Off the Floor?

tools to hang mirror

The most common reason is that you want to look at yourself, otherwise you will forget your hairstyle or even what you need for your appearance. Of course, you can also just use an old mirror as decoration, it is better to have one which rises off the ground.

The mirror should be in such a place that you can easily view your desired things. Sometimes you might need to adjust the height of the mirror, sometimes you might need to rise it off the floor.

In this article, we’ll discuss different ways of rising the mirror from the floor. The most common method is to hang it on the wall. But sometimes you might not want to harm the wall by placing bolts and anchors. Then you might hang it from the ceiling.

Tools you’ll need for this project:

  1. Drill
  2. Screws
  3. Clamps
  4. Ruler
  5. Pencil
  6. Screw Driver
  7. Tape Measure

tools to hang mirror

Hang the Mirror From the ceiling

Hanging the mirror from the ceiling is great when you don’t want to drill the wall. You should find a ceiling joist, use eye lag bolts, and then hang the mirror from the ceiling close to the wall. You won’t have to harm the wall anymore.

1. Find a Ceiling Joist

You’ll have some joists in the ceiling when you’re working with the mirror. Drill the joist 4-7in from the wall and 4-7in from the floor on each. Be careful to get the center of the joist.

2. Measure the Mirror and Mark the Place near the Wall

You’ll drill the eyes in the wall about 8-10in from the edge of the wall or you can choose to drill them at any position. In this picture, we’re going to drill them just below the ceiling joist. Use an awl to mark the location of these eyes on the wall.

Mark the Mirror with Pencil

3. Place the Eye Lag Bolts

This step is tricky. You have to think about the absolute position of your mirror. You have to know where’s going to be the highest point so you can get the right length eye lag bolt. Put the eye lag bolt on the wall, and measure so you know where to put it in the ceiling.

Then put a spacer on the eye lag bolt, and the other on the ceiling joist. Your first hole should be in the center and at the bottom and then 1-2.5in outside the last hole. This is where you’ll put the eyes that you will drill in the side, center, and top of the ceiling joist. Now you’ll have to screw a 1¼-inch eye screw into the eyes through the ceiling and into the wall.

4. Attach the Mirror to the Eye Screws

Go over with a wrench and the bolts should be easy to loosen. Insert the bolt so no part touches the wall. If the bolt doesn’t fit, it will show because of the mirror.

Attatch the Screws to the Mirror

5. Hang the Mirror

Make sure the eye end of the mirror has a hole so you can hang it from the ceiling. Hold the ceiling and tighten the bolt by putting it in the eye of the ceiling. Remember, you will be hanging the mirror on the floor, therefore, don’t tighten the bolt too much.

Hold the mirror up, and start the eye bolt on the inside of the ceiling joint towards the floor. Keep turning the bolt around until you see the bolt get in the eye of the ceiling from the floor. Then, tighten the bolt.

6. Finish up and Clean the Wall

After you have the perfect position on the wall, complete the mirror. Be careful on the top. Remove the eye-bolts on each side and measure the distance you want to make sure the mirror is even on both sides. On the top, put the bolts so the mirror is even with the floor. Now, you’ll tighten both bolts, one on the top and one on the bottom. Now, this is the moment. It’s time to clean.

7. Clean the Wall

Put some anti-static spray on the wall. Now the mirror is ready to go on the wall! Use a blow dryer on the wall only. Make sure to hold the end of the mirror as well. Make sure the mirror is not pointing toward the floor though. When you’re done, your mirror should be done! Enjoy the new decor.

Rise the Mirror By Hanging it on the Wall

You can rise the mirror by hanging it on the wall. You won’t need extra space for the mirror by hanging it on the wall. After the wall is properly planned, measure the distance between the edges of the wall and the mirror to the center. Make sure the distance will be around 11-15″.

1. Measure the Mirror Size and Weight.

If you want to get up to the mirror without damaging the wall or the floor, you might want to get a bit of advice. To get a measure of the height, have a friend hold a tape measure up to it. Then to measure the width, you’ll just measure the length that the tape measure is over the mirror.

measure the mirror

If the height and width of the mirror exceed the recommended thickness and weight recommendations for hanging the mirror on the wall, you won’t damage either it or your installation.

2. Use a Tape Measure to Determine the Thickness

Next, you’ll simply measure the thickness of the wall. In general, mirrors are about 5 millimeters in thickness. So as you look up in the mirror from the ground it will be 2 ft. in height.

Level the Mirror

3. Gather Other Supplies


Make sure you have something to help you lift the mirror if it gets stuck while you have it above your head. These might include a broom, an old sheet, or something heavier. If the ceiling is low enough check with your landlord, some landlords allow the tenant to put the mirror on the wall if it is above the ceiling.

4. Mark Where the Nails Will Be

The second you’ve lifted the mirror, mark where the nails will be with a pin and chalk. You’ll want the mirror to lie completely flat. Mark all four corners for the four nails, and then mark the center.

5. Position the Nails

Lift the mirror to confirm the wall is as planned. Then, using a hammer and a rubber mallet, pound the nails into place. Hammer them firmly, ensuring they are flush with your chalk markers and the edges of the drywall.

6. Hammer Additional Nails

After you’ve nailed down the first three nails, hammer the other three in. Carefully hammer the nails so that you won’t break the drywall.

7. Finish Painting the Wall

Paint the area carefully for a cleaner view. Also, paint the surroundings if needed. If you’ve already painted the wall, you won’t need to use caulk.

8. Install the Mirror Frame

Make space for the screws in the desired spot. Your next step is to put in place the screws and hooks which are on the back of the frame.

Put Screw on Wall

9. Mount the Mirror

Turn the mirror and lay it back on the wall. Check to make sure it is completely even, level and flush. Adjust the screws until the mirror is square. Mount the screws, leaving some slack in the frame screws.

10. Hang the Mirror

When the mirror is level and correctly positioned, use a long-level tool to check for gaps or waviness. After you’re confident there is no problem with the alignment, you can easily drop in a picture hanger from the wall-mounted picture hanger. Once complete, you can hang your mirror, mirror for that matter.

Why Rise a Mirror from the Floor?

Rising the mirror helps you to make your space larger and the light reflecting off the mirror should cover your whole room. Mirror, the mirror can be your friend. You may need a mirror in your house to make some adjustments as your room develops messiness. No matter how hard you try, you could not see that clearly on the floor.

The mirror can do the job which will help you to make everything perfect all the time. The reflection reflected in the mirror helps you to notice where all your things are when you are in the middle of the place.

It also makes things much easy to find it. I mean how you should choose and use your mirror? There are many kinds and materials. So you have many choices for you. Do you have to think that how much money you need for that mirror?

A mirror reflects some things which you can not see while you are standing in front of the mirror. Some of the things are dust, hair, mud, and so on. So you can check them on your floor.

The reflection in the mirror makes your room more beautiful. The mirror can help you to beautify your room as well as increase the feeling of the room. A mirror beside a study table is a nice addition after all.

To Recap

Placing the mirror on the wall is easy, but it might harm the wall. So, you can hang it from the ceiling which is a tidius project but will conform you after your project. Afterward, it’s all about the looking, it’s all about the comfort.

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