Ariens Deluxe 28 Won’t Start? Here’s What You Need to Know for Quick Fixes

If you live in an area with heavy snowfall, having a reliable snow blower is essential to keep your driveway and sidewalks clear. The Ariens Deluxe 28 snow blower is a popular choice due to its powerful engine and efficient performance.

However, like any machine, it may encounter issues, such as failing to start. If you’re experiencing this problem with your Ariens Deluxe 28, don’t worry; there are common reasons why a snow blower won’t start, and most of them can be resolved with some basic troubleshooting.

In this article, we’ll discuss those common reasons and steps you can take to get your Ariens Deluxe 28 running again.

Initial Checks

When your Ariens Deluxe 28 snow blower won’t start, the first step is to perform some initial checks. These checks can help you identify simple problems that may be preventing your snow blower from starting. Here are some of the initial checks you can perform:

ariens deluxe 28 wont start

Check the Run Switch, Gas Shutoff, and Key Position

Before attempting to start your snow blower, ensure that the run switch is set to the “on” position, the gas shutoff valve is open, and the key is in the correct position. If any of these components are not in the correct position, your snow blower will not start.

Turn the Throttle Clockwise

Next, turn the throttle clockwise to ensure that the choke is engaged. The choke helps to provide additional fuel to the engine when starting in cold weather. If the choke is not engaged, your snow blower may not start.

Try Using the Electric Starter

The Ariens Deluxe 28 snow blower comes with an electric starter that can be used to start the engine. If the engine does not start with the electric starter, there may be an issue with the battery or starter motor. It is also possible that the engine is flooded, which can prevent it from starting.

Performing these initial checks can help you identify simple issues that may be preventing your Ariens Deluxe 28 snow blower from starting. If these checks do not solve the problem, there may be other issues that require further diagnosis and repair.

It is always a good idea to consult the owner’s manual or seek the help of a professional if you are unsure about performing any repairs on your snow blower.

Spark Check

Another possible reason why an Ariens Deluxe 28 snow blower won’t start is due to a faulty spark plug. To check if the spark plug is working correctly, follow these steps:

Remove the Spark Plug

Locate the spark plug, which is usually found on top of the engine. Use a spark plug wrench to loosen and remove the spark plug.

Check if the Spark Plug is Wet

Inspect the spark plug for any signs of moisture or oil. If it’s wet, this could be a sign of a flooded engine or other issues.

Dry Off the Spark Plug

Use a clean cloth or compressed air to dry off the spark plug.

Crank the Engine Without the Plug

Turn on the engine for a few seconds without the spark plug installed. This will help to clear out any excess fuel that may be flooding the engine.

Reinstall the Plug

Put the spark plug back in and tighten it securely. Then try starting the engine again.

If the engine still doesn’t start, you may need to replace the spark plug. Be sure to check the manufacturer’s guidelines to ensure you choose the correct spark plug for your model.

It’s important to note that a faulty spark plug is not the only reason why an engine may fail to start. Other issues, such as a clogged fuel filter or carburetor, can also prevent the engine from starting. If you’re unsure about how to troubleshoot these issues, it’s best to consult a professional mechanic or contact the manufacturer for guidance.

Fuel Check

A common reason why a snow blower won’t start is due to fuel issues. To check the fuel system of your Ariens Deluxe 28, follow these steps:

Check the Fuel Line for Any Freeze-ups

If the fuel line is frozen, it can prevent fuel from reaching the engine. To check for freeze-ups, disconnect the fuel line from the carburetor and see if fuel flows freely. If not, try thawing the fuel line with a hairdryer or by placing the snow blower in a warm area for a few hours.

Add Fuel Line Anti-freeze to the Gas Tank

Fuel line anti-freeze is an additive that helps prevent the fuel from freezing in cold temperatures. Add a recommended amount of fuel line anti-freeze to the gas tank to help prevent future freeze-ups.

Check the Gas Cap and Loosen It to Release Any Pressure

Sometimes, the gas cap can become too tight and prevent fuel from flowing properly. Check the gas cap for any damage or blockages and try loosening it to release any pressure build-up.

Prime the Engine and Try to Start It

To prime the engine, push the primer bulb several times until you feel resistance. This helps fill the carburetor with fuel and makes it easier to start the engine. After priming the engine, try starting it using the electric starter or pull cord.

If the engine still doesn’t start, it’s possible that the carburetor is clogged or the fuel filter is dirty. These issues may require professional maintenance or repair. It’s also important to use fresh fuel and properly store your snow blower during the off-season to prevent fuel-related problems.

Choke Check

Ariens Deluxe 28 snow blower won’t start? It could be due to the choke being improperly set or the engine being flooded. Here’s how to check the choke and fix it if it’s the culprit:

Make Sure the Choke is Set to the Proper Position

Check the owner’s manual for the proper choke setting for your snow blower model. Generally, the choke should be set to the “on” position when starting a cold engine and then gradually moved to the “off” position as the engine warms up.

Check the Spark Plug and Oil for Any Signs of Flooding

If the engine is flooded, it won’t start. To check for flooding, remove the spark plug and look for signs of excess fuel or oil. If the plug is wet, dry it off with a clean cloth or compressed air.

Then, remove the excess fuel or oil from the cylinder and reinsert the plug.

Once you’ve checked and fixed the choke and flooding issues, try starting the engine again. If it still won’t start, it could be due to a more complex issue such as a carburetor problem or ignition system malfunction. In such cases, it’s best to take your snow blower to a professional for repair.

Throttle Check

The throttle is an important component of the Ariens Deluxe 28 snow blower that controls the engine speed. It is located on the control panel and can be adjusted to increase or decrease the engine speed, which affects the speed and effectiveness of the snow blower. If the throttle is set to the fast position, it may cause the engine to flood or fail to start.

Set to the Slow Position

To check the throttle, make sure it is set to the slow position before attempting to start the snow blower. This will ensure that the engine is not flooded and has enough fuel to start. If the throttle is set to the fast position, adjust it to the slow position before trying to start the engine.

Purpose of the Throttle Adjustment

The purpose of the throttle adjustment is to control the engine speed and output power. The engine speed is directly proportional to the speed of the snow blower’s auger and impeller, which determines how much snow the machine can handle at once. The throttle adjustment is especially useful when dealing with heavy, wet snow or deep drifts.

The throttle can also be adjusted while the snow blower is in use. For example, if you encounter a particularly tough section of snow, you can increase the throttle to provide more power and clear the area faster. However, be careful not to exceed the recommended engine speed, as this can cause damage to the snow blower.

The throttle is an important component of the Ariens Deluxe 28 snow blower that controls the engine speed. When checking the snow blower for starting issues, make sure the throttle is set to the slow position before attempting to start the engine. Use the throttle adjustment as needed to increase or decrease the engine speed while using the snow blower, but be careful not to exceed the recommended engine speed.

Common Reasons Why an Ariens Deluxe 28 Snow Blower Won’t Start and Possible Solutions

Reason for FailurePossible Solutions
Dead batteryRecharge or replace the battery
Fuel system problemsCheck the fuel line for freeze-ups, add anti-freeze to the gas tank, check gas cap, prime the engine
Choke problemsSet the choke to the proper position, check for signs of flooding in the spark plug and oil
Spark plug issuesCheck if the spark plug is wet, dry it with compressed air, reinstall it and try starting the engine
Throttle problemsSet the throttle to slow, adjust it according to the weather conditions and the type of snow
Ignition system issuesCheck for faulty ignition coil, spark plug wire, or faulty spark plug, replace the faulty parts
Carburetor problemsCheck for clogged carburetor, clean or replace it
Engine problemsCheck for damaged or worn-out parts, low oil level, or overheating, repair or replace the damaged parts

The table above shows the common reasons why an Ariens Deluxe 28 snow blower won’t start and possible solutions to address each problem. These problems range from dead battery to engine issues. By identifying the cause of the failure, users can easily troubleshoot and fix the problem to ensure the snow blower runs smoothly during the winter season.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Using Old Gasoline Cause a Snow Blower to Not Start?

A: Yes, old gasoline can cause starting problems for snow blowers. Gasoline can begin to break down and lose its effectiveness after about 30 days, which can lead to clogs in the fuel system or problems with combustion. It’s important to use fresh gasoline or add fuel stabilizer to the gas tank to prevent starting issues.

How Often Should I Replace the Spark Plug in My Snow Blower?

A: It’s recommended to replace the spark plug in your snow blower at least once a year or every 100 hours of use, whichever comes first. A worn or dirty spark plug can lead to starting problems or poor performance, so regular maintenance is important.

Can Low Oil Level Cause a Snow Blower to Not Start?

A: Yes, the low oil levels can cause starting problems for snow blowers. Many snow blowers have a low oil sensor that will prevent the engine from starting if the oil level is too low. It’s important to check the oil level regularly and add oil as needed to prevent starting issues.

What Should I Do if My Snow Blower Starts but Then Immediately Stalls Out?

A: Too much snow might cause your roof to be damaged. If your snow blower starts but then immediately stalls out, it could be a problem with the carburetor or fuel system. Try cleaning or replacing the carburetor, fuel filter, and fuel lines to see if that fixes the issue. It could also be an issue with the spark plug or ignition system. Otherwise, your machine might cause a propane smell if it runs in propane.

How Can I Prevent Starting Problems With My Snow Blower?

A: Regular maintenance is key to preventing starting problems with your snow blower. This includes checking and replacing the spark plug, changing the oil and oil filter, cleaning or replacing the air filter, and adding fuel stabilizer to the gas tank. It’s also important to store your snow blower properly during the offseason to prevent issues with the fuel system or other components.

Final Thoughts

If your Ariens Deluxe 28 snow blower won’t start, there are several possible reasons why this might be happening. By following the steps outlined in this article, you can troubleshoot the issue and identify the root cause.

Remember to start with the simplest solutions first, such as checking the fuel level and spark plug, and work your way up to more complex solutions, such as cleaning or replacing the carburetor. With a little bit of patience and persistence, you should be able to get your Ariens Deluxe 28 up and running again in no time, ready to tackle the next snowstorm with ease.

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